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Sand art consists of a pre-designed board, the surface of which is die-cut so that sections may be peeled off revealing a sticky surface which holds a particular color of sand. Each retail package includes one board and eight small bags of assorted color sand. (The bulk product includes the boards only, no sand.)
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0330-AB- Alef Bet Sand Art - Bulk 0330-AT- Alef Bet Train Sand Fun Board-bulk
0330-BM- Bar Mitzvah Sand Art - Bulk 0330-CC- Chanukah Celebration Sand Art - Bulk
0330-D- Dreidel Sand Art - Bulk 0330-EY- Eretz Yisroel Sand Art - Bulk
0330-HS- Har Sinai Sand Art - Bulk (Ten Commandments) 0330-HV- Havdalah Sand Art - Bulk
0330-K- Kotel Sand Art - Bulk 0330-LG- Lag B'omer Sand Art - Bulk
0330-K- Kotel Sand Art - Bulk
On order, no date yet
0330-M- Menorah Sand Art - Bulk 0330-NA- Noah's Ark Sand Art - Bulk
0330-P- Purim Sand Art - Bulk 0330-PM- Passover Sand Art, Matzah - Bulk
0330-RH- Rosh Hashanah Sand Art - Bulk 0330-S- Shabbat Sand Art - Bulk
0330-SD- Star of David Sand Art - Bulk 0330-SP- Passover Seder Plate Sand Art - Bulk
0330-SS- Shabbat Shalom Sand Board in bulk 0330-ST- Simchat Torah Sand Art - Bulk (Simchat Torah)
0330-SU- Sukkot Sand Art - Bulk (330SU) 0330-T- Torah Sand Art - Bulk (3 Torahs))
0330-TS- Charity Sand Art - Bulk 0330-Y- Yerushalayim Sand Art - Bulk
0334- Craft Sand (12 packs, 12 colors/pack) 0351- Chanukah Sand Fun - Dreidel
0352- Chanukah Sand Fun - Menorah 0353- Passover Sand Fun - Matzah
0354- Passover Sand Fun - Seder Plate 0355-B- Bar Mitzvah Sand Fun
0358- Star of David Sand Fun 0359- Purim Sand Fun
0361- Rosh Hashanah Sand Fun - Apples 0362- Simchat Torah Sand Fun
0363- Sukkot Sand Fun 0368- Shabbat Shalom Sand Fun
0369- Alef  Bet Train Sand Fun 0370- Noah's Ark Sand Fun
0400- Prayer at the Kotel Sand Fun