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0081-B- Tall Chanukah Candles 0082-A- Beeswax Chanukah Candles (ASST COLORS)
0082-B- Beeswax Chanukah Candles (BLUE/WHITE) 0082-C- Beeswax Chanukah Candles (BLUE/LT BLUE)
0082-D- Beeswax Chanukah Candles (WHITE) 0096-A- Multi-Colored Beeswax  Havdalah Candle
0097-A- Colorful Blue Beeswax Havdalah Candle 0097-B- Colorful Purple Beeswax  Havdalah Candle
0118-B- Dreidel Erasers - medium 0119-C- Little Colored Wooden Dreidels (4)
0131-B- Dreidel Crayons (bag of 4) 0172- Chanukah Tic Tac Toe
0190-B- Aleph Bet Sliding Puzzles 0194- Wooden Grogger
0212- Shabbos Bingo 0223- Chanukah Brain Teaser Game
0212- Shabbos Bingo
Early September
0224- Chanukah Connect Game  (4 in a Row) 0239- Toy Sefer Torah
0300-A- Aleph Bet Canvas Art w/paints 0300-B- Shabbat Canvas Art w/paints
0300-C- Chanukah Menorah Canvas Art w/paints 0300-D- Chanukah Dreidel Canvas Art w/paints
0300-E- Har Sinai Canvas Art w/paints 0300-F- Shabbat Shalom Canvas Art w/paints
0300-G- Yerushalayim Canvas Art w/paints 0300-H- Torah Canvas Art w/paints
0306-A- Chanukah Lacing Shapes 0306-B- Shabbat Lacing Shapes
0330-AT- Alef Bet Train Sand Fun Board-bulk 0330-NA- Noah's Ark Sand Art - Bulk
0330-ST- Simchat Torah Sand Art - Bulk (Simchat Torah) 0336- Make Your Own Charity Box w/CRAYONS
0362- Simchat Torah Sand Fun 0370- Noah's Ark Sand Fun
0430-NA- Bulk Noah's Ark Velvet Art 0430-ST- Bulk Simchat Torah Velvet Art
0504- Alef Bet Wooden Blocks 0515- Create your own Aleph Bet Jewelry
0532- Yerushalayim Wooden Craft Project 0532-b- Yerushalayim Wooden Sign (Bulk)
0533- Shabbos Wooden Craft Project 0533-b- Shabbos Wooden Sign (Bulk)
0550- Aleph Bet Felt Stickers 0551- Aleph Beis Felt Activity Board
0552- Shabbat Felt Activity Board 0553- Chanukah  Felt Activity Board
0602- Magical Mitzvah Park Boardgame 0623- PARSH-O
0626- Dreidels in a Row! game 0681- Aleph Beis 24 Pc Puzzle
0682- Purim 24 Pc Puzzle 0703- Aleph Bet Wallhangings (blue)
0704- Aleph Bet Wallhangings (pink) 0712- Aleph Bet Coloring Placemats
0713- Aleph Bet Writing Tablet 0900- My Jewish Stained Glass Coloring Book
0908- Jewish Activity Books w/Chanukah 1012- Menorah 6.75" "Heart of Gold"
1015- Menorah 7" "Doves in Love" (blue) 1016- Menorah 7" "Doves in Love" (light blue)
1017- Menorah 7" "Eitz Chaim" 1018- Menorah 7" "Star"
1019- Menorah 7" "Doves in Love" Purple 1020- Menorah 7.25" "Eitz Chaim" Purple
1021- Menorah 6.75" "Heart of Gold" Dark Blue 1022- Menorah, jeweled, Etz Chaim Green
1072- Menorah, jeweled, Simply Exquisite, 6.5" 1142- Candlesticks, "Gold Star", 7.25" PAIR
1183-A- Tzedaka Box - Harp 1184-A- Tzedaka Box - Pomegranates, blue
1184-B- Tzedaka Box - Pomegranates, purple 1185-A- Tzedaka Box - Jerusalem
1201- Mezuzah Case, Jerusalem,large 1202- Mezuzah Case, Shin, large
1203- Mezuzah Case,Golden Blue Flower,large 1204- Mezuzah Case, 7" Jerusalem, large Purple
1205- Mezuzah Case, 7" Golden Flower, large Purple 1401- Wall hanging - Jeweled Hamsa/Torah