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0081-B- Tall Chanukah Candles

(Out of Stock)
0083- Hand-dipped Chanukah Candles 0086- Shabbat Tea Lights (2) for outreach
0087- Flat Havdalah Candles - Assorted 0087-B- Flat Havdalah Candle - Blue/White
0118- Dreidel Erasers - medium 0118-B- Dreidel Erasers - medium
0131- Dreidel Crayons (tub) 0131-B- Dreidel Crayons (bag of 4)
0177-D- Window Gel Fun - Chanukah Dreidel 0185- Aleph-Bet Ruler in display "12"
0190-B- Aleph Bet Sliding Puzzles - BULK 0204- Jewish Picture Bingo game
0223- Chanukah Brain Teaser Game 0224- Chanukah Connect Game  (4 in a Row)
0232- Passover  Memory Match game 0234- Passover Bingo game
0239- Toy Sefer Torah 0272-AB- Aleph Bet Jigsaw Puzzles
0239- Toy Sefer Torah
On order, no date yet
0281- Aleph Bet Foam Puzzles 0330-AT- Alef Bet Train Sand Fun Board-bulk
0330-NA- Noah's Ark Sand Art - Bulk (Simchat Torah) 0330-ST- Simchat Torah Sand Art - Bulk (Simchat Torah)
0345- Simchat Torah Velvet Art 0348- Noah's Ark Velvet Art
0349- Purim Velvet Art 0350- Tzedakah Velvet Art
0362- Simchat Torah Sand Fun 0370- Noah's Ark Sand Fun
0430-NA- Bulk Noah's Ark Velvet Art 0430-ST- Bulk Simchat Torah Velvet Art
0479- Set of 4 Colored Markers (4"tall) 0504- Alef Bet Wooden Blocks
0515- Create your own Aleph Bet Jewelry 0530-  Shalom Wooden Craft Project
0530-B-  Shalom Wooden Sign (Bulk) 0531-  Shalom Star Wooden Craft Project
0531-b-  Shalom Star  Wooden Sign (Bulk) 0532- Yerushalayim Wooden Craft Project
0532-b- Yerushalayim Wooden Sign (Bulk) 0533- Shabbos Wooden Craft Project
0533-b- Shabbos Wooden Sign (Bulk) 0540- Paint your own Rambam Menorah
0541- Paint your own Star Menorah 0542- Paint your own Wooden Menorah
0603- Jewish Slides & Ladders Boardgame 0605- Noah’s Ark Animal Match game
0606- Passover Slides and Ladders game 0626- Dreidels in a Row! game
0824- Purim Shaloch Monos Box 0829- Pin the Flame on the Menorah
0952- Aleph Beis  Sudoku 0990-DA- Color your own Alef  Bet Tzedakah Box, 2 x 4"
0990-DB- Color your own Charity Tzedakah Box, 2 x 4" 0990-DC- Color your own Shabbat Tzedakah Box,  2 x 4"
0990-DD- Color your own Yerushalayim Tzedakah Box,  2 x 4" 0990-DE- Color your own Chanukah Tzedakah Box,  2 x 4"
1072- Menorah, jeweled,Simply Exquisite, 6.5" 1181-A- Tzedakah Box (Brown)
1181-B- Tzedakah Box (white) 1181-C- Tzedakah Box (Classic Teal)
1181-D- Tzedaka Box (Lavender) 1181-E- Tzedaka Box (Black)
1182-A- Tzedaka Box-Violet 1182-B- Tzedaka Box-Blue