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0172- Chanukah Tic Tac Toe 0191- Kugelach
0191-D- Deluxe Kugelach (with pouch) 0199- Paint your own Mezuzah Case (2)
0211- Bananagrams Game (HEBREW) 0213- Jewish Roll 'n Score Game
0214- Aleph Bet Match-Me Puzzles 0216- Chanukah Party Games
0231- Purim Bingo 0244- Lucky Duck Bingo
0247- Sukkos Bingo 0330-AT- Alef Bet Train Sand Fun Board-bulk
0330-NA- Noah's Ark Sand Art - Bulk 0330-ST- Simchat Torah Sand Art - Bulk (Simchat Torah)
0382- Dreidel stickers-prismatic 0383- Menorahs Sticker-Prismatic
0385-GS- GOLD & SILVER Shin Metallic stickers 0386- Aleph Bet Stickers-Prismatic
0386-G- Aleph Bet Stickers (GOLD) 0430-NA- Bulk Noah's Ark Velvet Art
0430-ST- Bulk Simchat Torah Velvet Art 0504- Aleph Bet Wooden Blocks
0521- Paint your own Candlesticks 0522-B- Paint your own Star of David
0523- Paint your own Spice Box 0524- Paint your own Tzedaka Box
0525-B- Paint your own Shtender 0526-B- Paint your own Apple (for Honey Dish)
0527-B- Paint your own Hamsa  (Bulk) 0528- Paint your own Menorah  (Rambam)
0532-B- Yerushalayim Wooden Craft (Bulk) 0533- Shabbos Wooden Craft Project
0533-B- Shabbos Wooden Craft (Bulk) 0543- Shabbat Shalom Wood Coloring Kit
0543-B- Shabbat Shalom Wood (bulk) 0544- Yerushalayim Wood Coloring Kit
0544-B- Yerushalayim Wood Coloring (bulk) 0545- Chanukah  Wood Coloring Kit
0545-B- Chanukah  Wood Coloring Piece (bulk) 0703- Aleph Bet Wallhangings (blue)
0704- Aleph Bet Wallhangings (pink) 0714- Aleph Bet Plastic Stencil (8.5 x 11)
0827- Chanukah Gift Wrap Rolls (24) 0827-S- Star of David Gift Wrap Asst. (24)
0828-A- Chanukah Gift Wrap Roll (Candles) 0828-B- Chanukah Gift Wrap Roll (Happy Chanukah)
0828-C- Star of David Gift Wrap Roll 0828-D- Chanukah Gift Wrap Roll (blue menorah)
0980- Menorah -Silver Plated Star of David 0981- Menorah -Beautiful Mosaic
1012- Menorah 6.75" "Heart of Gold" 1015- Menorah 7" "Doves in Love" (blue)
1016- Menorah 7" "Doves in Love" (light blue) 1017- Menorah 7" "Eitz Chaim"
1018- Menorah 7" "Star" 1019- Menorah 7" "Doves in Love" Purple
1020- Menorah 7.25" "Eitz Chaim" Purple 1021- Menorah 6.75" "Heart of Gold" Dark Blue
1022- Menorah, jeweled, Etz Chaim Green 1025- Menorah, jeweled, Regal
1026- Menorah, jeweled, Lovely 1142- Candlesticks, "Gold Star", 7.25" PAIR
1201- Mezuzah Case, Jerusalem,large 1202- Mezuzah Case, Shin, large
1203- Mezuzah Case,Golden Blue Flower,large 1204- Mezuzah Case, 7" Jerusalem, large Purple
1205- Mezuzah Case, 7" Golden Flower, large Purple 1206- Mezuzah Case, Artful, large
1237- Mezuzah Case, jeweled, small