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Bulk versions of a product are the same as the regular versions, but they have no retail packaging and are generally unsuitable for resale. They can be a convenient and cost-saving choice for school, and event projects. Please read descriptions carefully because some bulk products do not include all of the components of the retail version. (For example, bulk sand art boards do not include sand)
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0199-B- Decorate your own Mezuzah Case (Bulk) 0305-B- Scratch Art - Shabbat  BULK
0305-C- Scratch Art - Yerushalayim BULK 0305-D- Scratch Art - Har Sinai BULK
0305-E- Scratch Art - Dreidel  BULK 0305-F- Scratch Art - Menorah BULK
0327-M- Menorah Paint By Number - BULK 0330-AB- Alef Bet Sand Art - Bulk
0330-AT- Alef Bet Train Sand Fun Board-bulk 0330-BM- Bar Mitzvah Sand Art - Bulk
0330-CC- Chanukah Celebration Sand Art - Bulk 0330-D- Dreidel Sand Art - Bulk
0330-EY- Eretz Yisroel Sand Art - Bulk 0330-HS- Har Sinai Sand Art - Bulk (Ten Commandments)
0330-HV- Havdalah Sand Art - Bulk 0330-K- Kotel Sand Art - Bulk
0330-K- Kotel Sand Art - Bulk
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0330-LG- Lag B'omer Sand Art - Bulk 0330-M- Menorah Sand Art - Bulk
0330-NA- Noah's Ark Sand Art - Bulk 0330-P- Purim Sand Art - Bulk
0330-PM- Passover Sand Art, Matzah - Bulk 0330-RH- Rosh Hashanah Sand Art - Bulk
0330-S- Shabbat Sand Art - Bulk 0330-SD- Star of David Sand Art - Bulk
0330-SP- Passover Seder Plate Sand Art - Bulk 0330-SS- Shabbat Shalom Sand Board in bulk
0330-ST- Simchat Torah Sand Art - Bulk (Simchat Torah) 0330-SU- Sukkot Sand Art - Bulk (330SU)
0330-T- Torah Sand Art - Bulk (3 Torahs)) 0330-TS- Charity Sand Art - Bulk
0330-Y- Yerushalayim Sand Art - Bulk 0334- Craft Sand (12 packs, 12 colors/pack)
0340-D- Suncatchers - Dreidel - BULK 0340-H- Suncatchers - Havdalah - BULK
0340-J- Suncatchers - Jerusalem - BULK 0340-M- Suncatchers - Menorah - BULK
0340-S- Suncatchers - Shabbat - BULK 0340-T- Suncatchers - Torah - BULK
0430-AB- Bulk Alef Bet Velvet Art 0430-AT- Bulk Alef Bet Train Velvet Art Boards
0430-BH- Bulk Beit HaMikdash Velvet Art 0430-BM- Bulk Reading the Torah Velvet Art
0430-CC- Bulk Chanukah Celebration Velvet Art 0430-D- Bulk Chanukah Velvet Art - Dreidel
0430-EY- Bulk Eretz Yisrael Velvet Art 0430-HS- Bulk Har Sinai Velvet Art
0430-HV- Bulk Havdalah Velvet Art 0430-K- Bulk Prayer at the Kotel Velvet Art
0430-M- Bulk Chanukah Velvet Art - Menorah 0430-NA- Bulk Noah's Ark Velvet Art
0430-PM- Bulk Matzah Velvet Art 0430-PU- Bulk Purim Velvet Art
0430-RH- Bulk Rosh Hashanah Velvet Art 0430-S- Bulk Shabbat Velvet Art
0430-SP- Bulk Seder Plate Velvet Art 0430-SS- Bulk Shabbat Shalom Velvet Art Boards
0430-ST- Bulk Simchat Torah Velvet Art 0430-SU- Bulk Sukkot Velvet Art
0430-T- Bulk Torah Velvet Art 0430-TZ- Bulk Tzedakah Velvet Art
0430-Y- Bulk Yerushalayim Velvet Art 0440-A- Aleph Bet Canvas Art Boards (bulk)
0440-B- Shabbat  Canvas Art Boards (bulk) 0440-E- Har Sinai Canvas Art Boards (bulk)
0440-F- Shabbat Shalom Canvas Art Boards (bulk) 0440-G- Yerushalayim Canvas Art Boards (bulk)
0440-H- Torah Canvas Art Boards (bulk) 0481-B- Paint your own Tzedakah  Box  (Bulk)
0482-B- Paint your own Tzedakah  Box  (Tzedaka) 0521-B- Paint your own Candlesticks - BULK
0522-B- Paint your own Star of David 0523-B- Paint your own Spice box- BULK
0525-B- Paint your own Shtender 0526-B- Paint your own Apple (for Honey Dish)
0527-B- Paint your own Hamsa  (Bulk) 0528- Paint your own Menorah  (Rambam)
0529-  Happy Chanukah Wooden Sign (Bulk) 0530-  Shalom Wooden Craft Project
0530-B-  Shalom Wooden Sign (Bulk) 0531-  Shalom Star Wooden Craft Project
0531-B-  Shalom Star  Wooden Sign (Bulk) 0532-B- Yerushalayim Wooden Craft (Bulk)
0533- Shabbos Wooden Craft Project 0533-B- Shabbos Wooden Craft (Bulk)
0540- Paint your own Rambam Menorah 0541- Paint your own Star Menorah
0542- Paint your own Wooden Menorah 0543-B- Shabbat Shalom Wood (bulk)
0544-B- Yerushalayim Wood Coloring (bulk) 0545-B- Chanukah  Wood Coloring Piece (bulk)
0990-B-CT23W- Tzedaka  Box (pushka), Cardbd, 2x3, top plug 0990-D-CT24W- Tzedaka  Box (pushka), Cardbd, 2x4, top plug
0990-DA- Color your own Alef Bet Tzedakah Box Label, 2 x 4" 0990-DB- Color your own Charity Tzedakah Label, 2 x 4"
0990-DC- Color your own Shabbat Tzedakah Box,  2 x 4" 0990-DD- Color your own Yerushalayim Tzedakah Box,  2 x 4"
0990-DE- Color your own Chanukah Tzedakah Box,  2 x 4" 0990-E-CT35W- Tzedaka  Box (pushka), Cardbd, 3x5, top plug
0990-J-CT375W- Tzedaka  Box (pushka), Cardbd, 3 X 7.5, top plug