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0126- Decorate your own Dreidel 0126-U- Decorate your own Dreidel, w/ UPC
0129- Craft-a -Dreidel 0199- Decorate your own Mezuzah Case (2)
0199-B- Decorate your own Mezuzah Case (Bulk) 0301- Chanukah Shrink Art
0304- Jewish Scratch Art 0304-A- Scratch Art - Aleph Bet
0304-B- Scratch Art - Shabbat 0304-C- Scratch Art - Yerushalayim
0304-D- Scratch Art - Har Sinai 0304-E- Scratch Art - Dreidel
0304-F- Scratch Art - Menorah 0305-A- Scratch Art - Aleph Bet BULK
0305-B- Scratch Art - Shabbat  BULK 0305-C- Scratch Art - Yerushalayim BULK
0305-D- Scratch Art - Har Sinai BULK 0305-E- Scratch Art - Dreidel  BULK
0305-F- Scratch Art - Menorah BULK 0308- Assorted Stitch Art
0308-A- Aleph Bet Stitch Art 0308-B- Jerusalem Stitch Art
0308-C- Chanukah Stitch Art 0308-D- Shabbat Stitch Art
0311- Bead Art - Assorted (4 types) 0311-A- Bead Art - Aleph-Bet
0311-B- Bead Art - Shabbat 0311-C- Bead Art - Menorah
0311-D- Bead Art - Yerushalayim 0312- Bead Art - Dreidel
0313- Beit Hamikdash Sand Fun 0314- Star of David Beads
0315- Jewish Holiday Sponges 0317- Play & Bake Dreidel
0318- Play & Bake Menorah 0321- Jewish Holiday Necklace Kit
0323- Chanukah Celebration Sand Fun 0327-M- Menorah Paint By Number - BULK
0328- Jewish Paint By Number 0328-H- Havdalah Paint By Number - BULK
0330-AB- Aleph Bet Sand Art - Bulk 0330-BH- Beit Hamikdash Sand Art - Bulk
0330-BM- Bar Mitzvah Sand Art - Bulk 0330-CC- Chanukah Celebration Sand Art - Bulk
0330-D- Dreidel Sand Art - Bulk 0330-EY- Eretz Yisroel Sand Art - Bulk
0330-HS- Har Sinai Sand Art - Bulk (Ten Commandments) 0330-HV- Havdalah Sand Art - Bulk
0330-J- Jerusalem Sand Art - Bulk 0330-K- Kotel Sand Art - Bulk
0330-M- Menorah Sand Art - Bulk 0330-P- Purim Sand Art - Bulk
0330-PM- Passover Sand Art, Matzah - Bulk 0330-RH- Rosh Hashanah Sand Art - Bulk
0330-S- Shabbat Sand Art - Bulk 0330-SD- Star of David Sand Art - Bulk
0330-SP- Passover Seder Plate Sand Art - Bulk 0330-SU- Sukkot Sand Art - Bulk (330SU)
0330-T- Torah Sand Art - Bulk (Simchat Torah) 0330-TS- Charity Sand Art - Bulk
0330-Y- Yerushalayim Sand Art - Bulk 0334- Craft Sand (12 packs, 12 colors/pack)
0339-P- Passover Velvet Art - Seder Plate 0340-D- Suncatchers - Dreidel - BULK
0340-H- Suncatchers - Havdalah - BULK 0340-J- Suncatchers - Jerusalem - BULK
0340-M- Suncatchers - Menorah - BULK 0340-S- Suncatchers - Shabbat - BULK
0340-T- Suncatchers - Torah - BULK 0341-D- Chanukah Velvet Art - Dreidel
0341-M- Chanukah Velvet Art - Menorah 0342- Shabbat Velvet Art
0343- Yerushalayim Velvet Art 0344- Aleph Bet Velvet Art
0351- Chanukah Sand Fun - Dreidel 0352- Chanukah Sand Fun - Menorah
0353- Passover Sand Fun - Matzah 0355- Shabbat Sand Fun
0355-B- Bar Mitzvah Sand Fun 0356- Yerushalayim Sand Fun
0357- Aleph Bet Sand Fun 0358- Star of David Sand Fun
0359- Purim Sand Fun 0361- Rosh Hashanah Sand Fun - Apples
0363- Sukkot Sand Fun 0364- Torah Sand Fun
0365- Har Sinai Sand Fun 0366- Eretz Yisroel Sand Fun
0375- Rosh Hashanah Velvet Art 0376- Sukkot  Velvet Art
0377- Torah Velvet Art 0378- Eretz Yisrael Velvet Art
0379- Har Sinai Velvet Art 0380- Prayer at the Kotel Velvet Art
0400- Prayer at the Kotel Sand Fun 0430-AB- Bulk Aleph Bet Velvet Art
0430-BH- Bulk Beit HaMikdash Velvet Art 0430-BM- Bulk Bar Mitzvah Velvet Art
0430-CC- Bulk Chanukah Celebration Velvet Art 0430-D- Bulk Chanukah Velvet Art - Dreidel
0430-EY- Bulk Eretz Yisrael Velvet Art 0430-HS- Bulk Har Sinai Velvet Art
0430-HV- Bulk Havdalah Velvet Art 0430-K- Bulk Prayer at the Kotel Velvet Art
0430-M- Bulk Chanukah Velvet Art - Menorah 0430-PM- Bulk Matzah Velvet Art
0430-PU- Bulk Purim Velvet Art 0430-RH- Bulk Rosh Hashanah Velvet Art
0430-S- Bulk Shabbat Velvet Art 0430-SP- Bulk Seder Plate Velvet Art
0430-SU- Bulk Sukkot Velvet Art 0430-T- Bulk Torah Velvet Art
0430-Y- Bulk Yerushalayim Velvet Art 0472- Chanukah Celebration Velvet Art
0473- Havdalah Velvet Art 0474- Reading the Torah Velvet Art
0481-B- Paint your own Tzedakah  Box  (Bulk) 0482-D- Suncatchers - Dreidel
0482-H- Suncatchers - Havdalah 0482-J- Suncatchers - Jerusalem
0482-M- Suncatchers - Menorah 0482-S- Suncatchers - Shabbat
0482-T- Suncatchers - Torah 0511- Aleph Bet Glitter Beads
0512- Aleph Bet Fun Bead Set 0521- Paint your own Candlesticks
0521-B- Paint your own Candlesticks - BULK 0522-B- Paint your own Candlesticks - Large, BULK
0523- Paint your own Spice Box 0524-B- Paint your own Picture frame - BULK
0525-B- Paint your own napkin holder - BULK 0990-B-CT23W- Charity Box, Cardbd, 2x3, top plug
0990-D-CT24W- Charity Box, Cardbd, 2x4, top plug 0990-E-CT355W- Charity Box, Cardbd, 3x5.5, top plug
0990-G-CT35W- Charity Box (pushka), Cardbd, 3x5, top plug