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(Out of Stock)
0065- Chanukah To Go, menorah & candles 0066- Gold Tin Menorah
0080- Chanukah Candles 0080-R- Chanukah Candles
0081- Tall Chanukah Candles 0086- Shabbat Tea Lights (2) for outreach
0087- Flat Havdalah Candles - Assorted 0087-B- Flat Havdalah Candle - Blue/White
0101- Fancy Painted Dreidels 0102- Large Colorful Wooden Dreidels
0103- Magna Dreidels 0104- Refillable Dreidels (Asst Colors)
0106- Brightly Colored Plastic Dreidels 0112- Gold Stamped Wooden Dreidels
0113- Medium Size Plastic Dreidels 0113-U- Medium Size Plastic Dreidels - UPC
0114- Metallic Dreidels - assorted colors 0114-B- Metallic Dreidels  Blue
0114-G- Metallic Dreidels  Gold 0114-S- Metallic Dreidels -Silver
0115- Little Wooden Dreidels 0116- Chanukah Rainbow Whirlitops
0118- Dreidel Erasers - medium 0118-U- Dreidel Erasers - medium, with UPC
0119- Little Colored Wooden Dreidels 0121- Extra Large Colored Wooden Dreidels
0122- Jumbo Plastic Dreidels 0126- Decorate your own Dreidel
0126-U- Decorate your own Dreidel, w/ UPC 0129- Craft-a -Dreidel
0133- Chanukah Donut Mix  (Parve) 0135- Chocolate Gelt - Milk
0135-NF- Chocolate Gelt (Milk) -NUT FREE 0137- Chocolate Gelt (Pareve)
0137-NF- Chocolate Gelt (Pareve) -NUT FREE 0142- Plush Shofar, 8"
0143- My Very Own Torah 16" 0144- My Very Own Tiny Torah 7"
0146- Plush Challah Set 0147- Large Plush Dreidel 8"
0170- Toy Shofars 0170-B- Toy Shofars (Blue)
0171- Simchat Torah Flag 0177-A- Window Gel Fun - Happy Chanukah
0177-B- Window Gel Fun - Chanukah Menorah 0193- Metal Groggers -  Mordechai
0193-J- Metal Groggers - Jerusalem 0200- Shopping for Shabbos game
0206- Red Dreidel, Blue Dreidel game 0225- Chanukah Dominoes game
0226- Chanukah Bingo game 0227- Jewish Gourmet Chef Game
0239- Toy Sefer Torah 0273- Jewish Holiday Jigsaw Puzzles
0285- Jewish Holiday Floor Puzzle 0301- Chanukah Shrink Art
0304- Jewish Scratch Art 0304-B- Scratch Art - Shabbat
0304-D- Scratch Art - Har Sinai 0304-E- Scratch Art - Dreidel
0304-F- Scratch Art - Menorah 0305-B- Scratch Art - Shabbat  BULK
0305-D- Scratch Art - Har Sinai BULK 0305-E- Scratch Art - Dreidel  BULK
0305-F- Scratch Art - Menorah BULK 0308-C- Chanukah Stitch Art
0308-D- Shabbat Stitch Art 0311- Bead Art - Assorted (4 types)
0311-B- Bead Art - Shabbat 0312- Bead Art - Dreidel
0317- Play & Bake Dreidel 0318- Play & Bake Menorah
0321- Jewish Holiday Necklace Kit 0327-M- Menorah Paint By Number - BULK
0328-H- Havdalah Paint By Number - BULK 0330-CC- Chanukah Celebration Sand Art - Bulk
0330-D- Dreidel Sand Art - Bulk 0330-HV- Havdalah Sand Art - Bulk
0330-M- Menorah Sand Art - Bulk 0330-P- Purim Sand Art - Bulk
0330-PM- Passover Sand Art, Matzah - Bulk 0330-RH- Rosh Hashanah Sand Art - Bulk
0330-S- Shabbat Sand Art - Bulk 0330-SP- Passover Seder Plate Sand Art - Bulk
0330-SS- Shabbat Shalom Sand Board in bulk 0330-SU- Sukkot Sand Art - Bulk (330SU)
0338- Passover Puzzle Grams 0339-PM- Passover Velvet Art - Matzah
0339-SP- Passover Velvet Art - Seder Plate 0340-D- Suncatchers - Dreidel - BULK
0340-H- Suncatchers - Havdalah - BULK 0340-M- Suncatchers - Menorah - BULK
0340-S- Suncatchers - Shabbat - BULK 0340-T- Suncatchers - Torah - BULK
0341-D- Chanukah Velvet Art - Dreidel 0341-M- Chanukah Velvet Art - Menorah
0342- Shabbat Velvet Art 0346- Shabbat Shalom Velvet Art
0347- Aleph Bet Train Velvet Art 0351- Chanukah Sand Fun - Dreidel
0352- Chanukah Sand Fun - Menorah 0353- Passover Sand Fun - Matzah
0355- Shabbat Sand Fun 0355-C- Havdalah Sand Fun
0359- Purim Sand Fun 0361- Rosh Hashanah Sand Fun - Apples
0363- Sukkot Sand Fun 0375- Rosh Hashanah Velvet Art
0376- Sukkot  Velvet Art 0414- Lambchops Chanukah/Passover DVD
0430-CC- Bulk Chanukah Celebration Velvet Art 0430-D- Bulk Chanukah Velvet Art - Dreidel
0430-HV- Bulk Havdalah Velvet Art 0430-M- Bulk Chanukah Velvet Art - Menorah
0430-PM- Bulk Matzah Velvet Art 0430-PU- Bulk Purim Velvet Art
0430-RH- Bulk Rosh Hashanah Velvet Art 0430-S- Bulk Shabbat Velvet Art
0430-SP- Bulk Seder Plate Velvet Art 0430-SU- Bulk Sukkot Velvet Art
0472- Chanukah Celebration Velvet Art 0473- Havdalah Velvet Art
0482-D- Suncatchers - Dreidel 0482-H- Suncatchers - Havdalah
0482-M- Suncatchers - Menorah 0482-T- Suncatchers - Torah
0521-B- Paint your own Candlesticks - BULK 0523-B- Paint your own Spice box- BULK
0677- Dreidel Puzzle 0733- Chanukah Cookie Cutters
0819- Chanukah Gift Tags - adhesive 0832- Hannukah Thank You Cards - Yellow
0833- Hannukah Thank You Cards - Striped 0834- Hannukah Thank You Cards - Blue
0836- Hannukah Gift Wrap Sheets - Yellow 0866-A- Hanukkah Gift Bag - Menorahs
0866-B- Hanukkah Gift Bag - Dreidels 0866-C- Hanukkah Gift Bag -Colorful Dreidels
0866-D- Hanukkah Gift Bag -Festival of Lights 0866-E- Hanukkah Gift Bag - Lights
0866-G- Hanukkah Gift Bag - Menorah 0866-H- Hanukkah Gift Bag - Random
0866-J- Hanukkah Gift Bag - RoundDreidels 0903- Shabbat Mini Activity Book
0905- Jewish Holiday Mini Activity Book 0910- Hilarious Hannukah Puzzle Pad
0912- High Holiday Coloring Book 0913- Shabbat Activity Book
0914- Purim Coloring Book 0915- Jewish Holiday Fun Book
0917- My Favorite Chanukah Coloring Book 0918- My Happy Chanukah Coloring Book
0919- Passover Coloring & Activity Book 0921- Rosh HaShana Board Book
0923- Passover Coloring Book 0924- My Jewish Holiday Board Book
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